Oshadhi Essential Oils

The Experience with Oshadhi

"What a complete and wonderful surprise. The aromas arrived today and I am thoroughly delighted and impressed with your creation. Over the years I've had a chance to experience many aroma products. All the big names. I've never experienced aromas that captured the essential truth of nature's aromatic creations so completely. This is as close to nature as it gets, because it is nature, it seems. We live in woodlands where wildflowers of many varieties abound. What one notices in smelling them is the completeness of the scents - perfect dances, each different, of the nuanced layers of intelligence and fragrance. You - I have no idea how - have managed to capture this fullness: the essential components of nature's aromas. Whatever your processes are, the result is magical and powerful. I am wearing the sandalwood now – and the aromatic fullness is a lingering, transporting delight. Balancing. Uplifting. Ancient. Pure. Beautiful. If these aromas were music, this would be a symphony. The divine is in these aromas. I thank you sincerely for this gift."
Paul and Kathy Schaefer

5 Things that make oshadhi Unique

At Oshadhi we have only 100% natural products. We leave our products as natural as possible. We do not use synthetic additives or other preservatives such as alcohol. Most of our products are certified organic.

For us, Essential Oils are living substances with a unique energy. Like other liquids, they are very sensitive to environmental influences and sounds. To amplify them, we play traditional Indian Ghandarva Veda music to them during the night. This makes Oshadhi products the most refined substances you can get.

Oshadhi offers you one of the largest collections of Essential Oils, Hydrosols and natural skin care products – over 500 essential oils, some of them are very rare, 80 plus hydrosols, 70 plus base oils – and of course a wide range of exclusive products from room fragrancing, face and body care.

The production of an essential oil is a fine art. Usually producers
specialize in one or a few oils. The cultivation of the plant, the harvest, the distillation process and the handling of the finished oil – all play a crucial role in the quality. Especially expensive oils can be adultedterated – that's why a long-term trustful partnership with the producers pays off. Oshadhi is the brand you can trust completely.

Buying oils requires a lot of expertise and experience. Oshadhi benefits from over 30 years of experience from the founder Dr. Malte Hozzel, his expertise in medicinal plants as well as his holistic approach to aromatherapy that truly incorporates everything: the laws of biochemistry, ancient wisdom about medicinal plants, and of course, an understanding of olfactory influences on the human body and psyche.


The sublimely smelling Damascena Roses for the Oshadhi Rose water are coming from the "valley of Roses" in Bulgaria. Have an insight into its cultivation, harvest and destillation...

Rosemary Essential Oil is excellent to enhance your mental strength and your ability to concentrate. Learn more about this fascinating plant!

Immortella or Helichrysum is a mediteranian plant that gives a very mild Essential Oil which is a very good first aid for mental and physical shocks...


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