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Truly 100% natural

At Oshadhi you get only 100% natural products. We leave our products as natural as possible. We do not use synthetic additives or other preservatives such as alcohol. Most of our products are certified organic.

Living molecules

For us, essential oils are living substances with a unique energy. Like other liquids, they are very sensitive to environmental influences and sounds. To amplify them, we play traditional Indian music to them during overnight storage - so-called Ghandarva Veda music. These harmonious sounds make Oshadhi products one of the most refined substances.

A huge selection 

Oshadhi offers you one of the largest collections of essential oils, hydrosols and base oils - over 500 essential oils, some of them very rare, over 80 hydrosols, over 70 base oils - and of course a wide range of exclusive products for room fragrancing and face and body care.

Trust in the best producers 

The production of an essential oil is a fine art. Usually producers specialize in one or a few oils. The cultivation of the plant, the harvest, the distillation process and the handling of the finished oil - all play a crucial role for best quality. Especially expensive oils are often adulterated - that's why a long-term trustful partnership with the producers is very important. Oshadhi is the brand you can trust completely.

Holistic knowledge

 Buying oils requires a lot of expertise and experience. Oshadhi benefits from over 30 years of experience of its founder Dr. Malte Hozzel. His expertise in medicinal plants as well as his holistic approach to aromatherapy that truly incorporates everything: the laws of biochemistry, ancient wisdom about medicinal plants, and a deep understanding of how essential oils can influence the human body and psyche.


The name Oshadhi has its origin in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, and means "carrier of light". Through their ability of photosynthesis, the transformation of sunlight into energy and precious aromatic essences, plants form the basis of all life on our planet. Thus, we feel a deep gratitude towards nature and its precious gifts - and it is close to our hearts to make these precious gifts of creation available for the well-being of people.

All over the world– for over 30 years!

The Oshadhi brand has been present in over 40 countries for more than 30 years and was founded by Dr. Malte Hozzel (aromatherapist, entrepreneur and author) out of his enthusiasm for essential oils. To ensure the uncompromising quality of his products, Malte has traveled around the world to establish contacts with the most competent and best producers who process the oils in the spirit of Oshadhi.

How to use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used in many different ways. For room fragrancing in a diffuser, in massage oils, in a wellness bath, as a sauna infusion, some also as an aromatic highlight in the kitchen. Or simply for olfactory application – because just a few breaths with an essential oil can fundamentally transform you. For almost every area of application, you will find the right oil at Oshadhi, which will unfold its effect on your well-being.

The effect of essential oils.

Essential oils awaken emotions and can transform them positively. You can lighten your mood with citrus oils or boost your concentration with rosemary. Oshadhi oils can help you rebalance your sleep, or they can give you relaxation and calm after a stressful day. Are you lacking the courage to face some challenges in your life? Then take a look at our laurel oil or recharge your batteries with one of the strong conifer oils such as silver fir or stone pine.

The scent molecules of an essential oil act on the olfactory center and send electrical impulses to the olfactory center in the brain. From here, it goes directly to the limbic system, which is known to regulate numerous functions such as heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing and stress levels.

The assortment of Oshadhi.

In our online store you will find selected oils for aromatherapy, specially formulated Ayurvedic blends, wellness and body care products, natural cosmetics and enchanting gift sets. Browse through our bestsellers and discover e.g. the heavenly Oshadhi rose water!

Hydrolates (plant waters)

The 100% natural rose water is one of over 80 hydrolates in the Oshadhi range. It consists of the pure flower essence of Bulgarian Damascena roses. Oshadhi Rose Water has a harmonizing effect, gives balance and opens the heart. All Oshadhi plant waters are free of preservatives and without alcohol. We are able to achieve this through the highest standards of bottling under clean room conditions.

The Oshadhi quality promise

The essential oils as well as all products of Oshadhi are completely natural and contain only the natural essence of the plants. Synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified substances have no place with us. Most of our products are certified organic. At Oshadhi, quality comes first.

Enjoy the benefits of ordering from Oshadhi

You can easily order all precious Oshadhi oils online. From an order value of $100 you get a gift as a thank you for free. Visit our "Sale" and discover our current offers. We are also happy to help you with questions and suggestions and are always available for you.



All products in this webshop are directly sourced from the Oshadhi headquarters in Buehl, Germany. Oshadhi USA, Inc. is the official distribution company in the United States.