The Magic of the Rose

Indeed, it's no mistake that the Rose claims the title "Queen of the Flowers." This magnificent bloom has forever exuded a unique charm. It has sparked endless tales, myths, and legends, captivating hearts across generations. Musicians have sung its praises in countless melodies, while painters have been entranced by its beauty, finding endless ways to capture it on canvas. Poets, too, have been inspired to pen verses filled with warmth and admiration. Throughout history, the Rose has symbolized love, yet its brilliance transcends mere sentimentality. It is a messenger from the celestial realms, with a special connection to the astral world. In its splendor, the Rose embodies a multitude of meanings and expressions, making it a timeless symbol of beauty and grace.

“Rose is the only thing you can take with you when you die, because it is not of this world.”



Rosa Damascena and Rosa Alba



Rosa Damascena

Rosa damascena is a prized flower in aromatherapy for its exquisite fragrance and therapeutic properties. The essential oil extracted from its petals is cherished for its ability to calm the mind, uplift the spirit, and promote emotional well-being. In aromatherapy, Rosa damascena essential oil is often used to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Its rich, floral aroma has a soothing effect on the nervous system, making it a popular choice for diffusing in spaces where relaxation and stress relief are desired. Additionally, Rosa damascena is known for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for nourishing and rejuvenating the skin. When diluted in a carrier oil, it can be applied topically to promote healthy, radiant skin and soothe conditions such as dryness and irritation. Whether inhaled through aromatherapy or applied to the skin, Rosa damascena essential oil offers a luxurious and indulgent experience that can enhance both physical and emotional well-being.

Rosa Alba

Rosa alba, commonly known as the White Rose, is a delicate and elegant flower that holds a special place in aromatherapy. Revered for its purity and subtle fragrance, Rosa alba essential oil is praised for its therapeutic benefits and its ability to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness. In aromatherapy, Rosa alba essential oil is often used to promote emotional well-being and relaxation. Its gentle aroma is believed to soothe the mind, alleviate stress, and uplift the spirit, making it a popular choice for diffusing in spaces where relaxation and tranquility are desired. Additionally, Rosa alba essential oil is valued for its skin-nourishing properties. When diluted in a carrier oil, it can be applied topically to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed. Whether diffused in the air or applied to the skin, Rose alba essential oil offers a luxurious and indulgent experience that can enhance overall feelings of well-being and promote a sense of inner harmony.

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Alluring Rose Products from Oshadhi

Rose Blossom, Bulgarian Hydrolate (organic)
Rose Blossom, Bulgarian Hydrolate (organic)

Rose Blossom, Bulgarian Hydrolate (organic)

Rose Blossom, Bulgaria (organic)
Rose Blossom, Bulgaria (organic)

Rose Blossom, Bulgaria (organic)

Rose Blossom, Absolute
Rose Blossom, Absolute

Rose Blossom, Absolute

Dream of Rose Perfume Roll-On
Dream of Rose Perfume Roll-On

Dream of Rose Perfume Roll-On

Rose Blossom, Turkey
Rose Blossom, Turkey

Rose Blossom, Turkey

Dream of Rose
Dream of Rose
Dream of Rose
Dream of Rose

Dream of Rose

Aloe Rose
Aloe Rose

Aloe Rose

Rose Blossom, White
Rose Blossom, White

Rose Blossom, White


Century-Old Craftsmanship:
The Distillation of Rose Oil

Picking and distillation of Rosa damascena, or the Damask rose, is a meticulous process that requires careful attention to detail to preserve the delicate fragrance and therapeutic properties of this revered flower. The harvest of Damask roses typically occurs in the early morning hours when the flowers are at their peak bloom and their fragrance is most potent. Experienced harvesters carefully hand-select each rose, ensuring that only the freshest and most vibrant blossoms are chosen. This labor-intensive process is essential to maintain the quality and integrity of the roses.


Once the roses are harvested, they are transported to the distillation facility where the extraction process begins. The roses are gently placed into a large copper still along with pure water. The still is then sealed, and steam is passed through the rose petals, causing them to release their essential oils. As the steam rises through the petals, it carries with it the aromatic compounds of the roses. The steam and oil mixture is then cooled, causing the steam to condense back into water and the essential oil to separate and float on the surface. This precious oil is carefully collected and stored in glass bottles in a dark place to protect it from light and oxidation, preserving its potency and fragrance.

The distillation of Rosa damascena is an ancient art that requires skill, patience, and a deep understanding of the flower's properties. The resulting essential oil is highly prized for its luxurious aroma and therapeutic benefits, making it a cherished ingredient in perfumery, aromatherapy, and skincare products around the world.


Many Petals for a Little Oil

Centred Image

The journey from field to bottle of Rosa Damascena essential oil is a testament to nature's bounty and the meticulous craftsmanship required to capture its essence. With awe-inspiring numbers, it's no wonder why this precious elixir is highly cherished and revered. To obtain a single kilogram of pure essential oil from Rosa Damascena, an astonishing 3,000 to 4,000 kilograms of roses are needed. This staggering ratio underscores the remarkable concentration and potency of the oil extracted from these delicate blossoms.

However, the yield is not solely determined by quantity; rather, it is influenced by a multitude of factors, including climate, time of harvest, flower quality, and distillation techniques. In regions blessed with a mild climate, the conditions are particularly conducive to optimal rose cultivation, resulting in superior quality and higher yields of essential oil. Furthermore, the bio-rhythms of the roses themselves play a pivotal role, dictating the cycles of production of fragrant molecules. This harmonious dance between nature's rhythms and human intervention ensures the finest quality oil is obtained.

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The harvesting process is a labor-intensive endeavor, beginning in the early dawn during the revered "Brahma muhurta," the Creator's time as per the Vedas. At this auspicious hour, when the world is still draped in the quiet embrace of pre-dawn, the roses reach their peak production of essential oil molecules, maximizing potency and fragrance. And yet, the marvel doesn't end there. To distill just one liter of Rose oil, an astonishing 1,200,000 to 1,500,000 blossoms must be meticulously hand-picked, one by one. Each small glass of Rose oil, containing approximately 30 ml, encapsulates the essence of a staggering 40,000 blossoms.

Such concentration is further highlighted when considering that it takes 50 to 70 Rose blossoms to yield just a single drop of essential oil. In essence, every drop of pure Rose oil is a testament to nature's abundance and the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. When you apply just one drop of this precious elixir to your heart, you're not just indulging in luxury; you're embracing the essence of thousands of blossoms, their beauty, and their wisdom, all captured in a single drop.


Damascena Rose Cultivation


Iran / Persia

In Persia, the cradle of rose cultivation, the love affair with Rosa Damascena dates back thousands of years. It is believed that the Persians were among the first to recognize the transformative potential of distilling roses into essential oils. While the exact origins of rose distillation remain shrouded in the mists of time, it is clear that the Persians played a pivotal role in elevating this ancient art form to new heights. Despite the misconception that Ibn Senna (Avicenna) pioneered rose distillation in the 11th century, historical evidence suggests that the Persians were already distilling roses long before his time.



Bulgaria, often hailed as the "Rose Valley" of the world, has earned international acclaim for its superior quality Rosa Damascena. Nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Balkans, the Bulgarian rose fields bloom with an abundance of fragrant blossoms, painting the landscape in hues of pink and red. Here, rose cultivation is not merely a profession but a cherished tradition passed down through generations. The Bulgarian people take great pride in their role as custodians of the Damask rose, employing time-honored methods to cultivate and harvest these precious blooms.



In Turkey, the land where East meets West, Rosa Damascena thrives amidst a landscape steeped in history and romance. Turkish rose cultivation is characterized by its meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality. From the fertile soils of the Anatolian plateau to the sun-drenched fields of Isparta, Turkish roses flourish under the watchful gaze of skilled cultivators. The roses are harvested with reverence and care, their petals carefully gathered to preserve their delicate fragrance and therapeutic properties.



Morocco, with its vibrant markets and bustling souks, is another bastion of Rosa Damascena cultivation. Here, amidst the labyrinthine streets of Marrakech and the sun-drenched valleys of the Atlas Mountains, the Damask rose reigns supreme. Moroccan rose oil, known for its rich aroma and amber hue, is prized by perfumers and aromatherapists alike. The cultivation of roses in Morocco is a labor of love, with farmers tending to their fields with dedication and devotion.


All you can have: Rose Essential Oil consists of more than 500 compounds

The essence of Rosa Damascena, captured within its precious oil, is a veritable treasure trove of healing potentials, boasting over 500 different compounds, each with its own unique virtues and therapeutic properties. The major ones are: Citronellol, Citral, Carvone, Citronellyl acetate, Eugenol, Ethanol, Farsenol, Stearpoten, Methyl eugenol, Nerol, Nonanol, Nonanal, Phenyl acetaldehyde, Phenylmenthyl acetate and Phenyl geraniol.
Yet, amidst this abundance lies a realm of mystery and intrigue, as the majority of nature's bio-molecules remain unexplored and enigmatic, their profound healing virtues and hidden psycho-spiritual effects waiting to be unveiled. While modern science has made significant strides in analyzing and understanding some of the compounds found within Rosa Damascena oil, there is still much to discover. Many of nature's bio-molecules have yet to be fully comprehended in terms of their multifaceted healing

capabilities, let alone their intricate synergistic interactions with one another. Indeed, the healing potential of Rosa Damascena oil extends far beyond the realm of physical well-being, reaching into the depths of the mind and soul. Each compound within the oil carries with it a subtle energy and resonance, capable of eliciting profound shifts in consciousness and emotional states.
These psycho-spiritual "side-effects" are often subtle and nuanced, yet their impact can be profound, offering a pathway to inner transformation. As we continue to explore the depths of nature's wisdom, we are reminded of the inherent complexity and beauty of the natural world. Within the petals of Rosa Damascena lies a wealth of healing potentials waiting to be discovered, offering a glimpse into the infinite mysteries of the universe and the profound interconnectedness of all life.

"More than 500 different compounds – each of them a superlative in itself of specific healing impulses for our body, mind and soul."



The different colors of the flower represent different qualities and emotions:

  • Red Rose stands for love, passion, respect and courage.
  • White Rose describes innocence, purity and secrecy.
  • Yellow Rose is connected with joy and friendship.
  • Coral Rose expresses desire and light.
  • Pink Rose characterizes grace, gladness and joy.

Some Tips to Use Oshadhi Rose Water


Relaxation and Refreshment of the Eye area

Apply 1-2 sprays of Rose Water to a cotton pad and place on the eyes.

Refreshment in Summer

Rose Water Ice Cubes – add 2 spoons of rose water to approximately 13 fluid ounces of water, pour the mixture into ice cube trays, and freeze them in your refrigerator.

Springtime Body Spray

Mix Rose Water with Orange Blossom (Neroli) Water and Lemon Verbena Water in equal parts, fill in a spray bottle and apply to your face and body

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High – Higher – The Highest:
Rosa Damascena Essential Oil vibrates at 320MHz

The significance of frequency in the realm of quality essential oils unveils a fascinating interplay between the body's electromagnetic vibrations and the molecular spectrum of these oils. As essential oil molecules interact with bodily tissues, they resonate at specific frequencies, influencing natural electromagnetic vibrations and restoring coherence to electric fields, thereby fostering healing and wellness. This resonance is just one of many processes through which essential oils offer therapeutic benefits. Each essential oil possesses its own unique frequency, which corresponds to frequencies of organs and body parts. Understanding this, it becomes evident that the frequency of an oil attracts a similar frequency within the body, with lower frequencies acting as conduits for negative energy absorption. The lasting effects of oils are sustained by their resonant frequencies within the body. There are low, middle, and high frequencies, each imparting distinct changes on the body—physical, emotional, and spiritual. The high spiritual frequencies range from 92 to 360 MHz, suggesting a profound connection between higher frequencies and spiritual well-being. Rosa damascena essential oil has a frequency of 320MHz and thus is one of the highest vibrating substances available.

The concept of oils responding to thoughts, words, and prayers is intriguing. Through studies by Bruce Tainio, it is revealed that negative thoughts decrease the frequencies of essential oils, while positive thoughts and prayers increase them significantly. This underscores the powerful impact of intent on the healing properties of oils.

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Effects of Rose Oil on the Physiological Level

There is a large amount of literature and scientific research about the manyfold effects of Rose oil and rose hydrolate on the human physiology. Here is a collection of the most striking ones. More details you will find in the blog article here:

• It is a miraculous skin tonifier.

• It Alleviates problems of blood congestion and inflammation.

• It is useful against poor circulation, asthma, mouth ulcers and coughing.

• It helps against problems linked to stagnant, blocked energies that result in liver congestion, constipation, headache, etc.

• It is anti-septic: This is the most fragrant and majestic way – just imagine treating wounds with oils or hydrolates from Rose instead of those ordinary anti-septic, often purely chemical lotions.

• The astringent property of Rose Oil has many benefits. It strengthens gums, hair roots, tones and lifts skin and muscles, thereby giving protection from untimely fall of tooth and hair.

• Due to its bactericidal effect, it can be used in treatment of typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning and other diseases which are caused by bacteria.

• The wound healing property of Rose Essential Oil can be of great interest for those who care a lot about their looks. It makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne and pox etc. on the skin to fade away.

• Rose purifies the blood by helping removal and neutralization of toxins from blood.

• Rose oil stimulates the hormone secretions which trigger off menstruations. It is particularly effective on those who are suffering from obstructed and irregular menses.

• Laxative: There cannot be a laxative with a better scent than this. It can serve as a harmless and effective laxative with a beautiful smell and without any adverse side effect.

• Rose oil acts as a tonic for the nerves. It gives strength to bear shocks and protects from disorders resulting from age, injuries, etc.

Aroma Spa Diffuser & Rose Hydrolate
Aroma Spa Diffuser & Rose Hydrolate
Aroma Spa Diffuser & Rose Hydrolate
Aroma Spa Diffuser & Rose Hydrolate

Aroma Spa Diffuser & Rose Hydrolate


Set Contains:

 The AROMA SPA Ultrasonic Diffuser captivates with its high-quality glass cover and its elegant design. Thanks to its ultrasonic technology, the diffuser atomizes the mixture of water and essential oil, or hydrolate, in a fine mist.

The water tank holds 5 fl.oz. (150 ml) and is sufficient for about 6 hours in continuous mode and for up to 12 hours of fragrance experience in interval mode (30 seconds on / 30 seconds off). The diffuser automatically turns off when the water tank is empty.

With the built-in timer, you can set the run time to 1, 2, or 4 hrs. Optionally, the diffuser can be operated without the light, with warm white lighting, a color-changing light show, or a desired color. 

Diffuser Technical data:

Running time: up to 6 hours continuous, or up to 12 hours in interval mode with automatic safety shutdown
Timer: 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours
Light mode: changing colors; one color; warm white light; without illumination
Material: plastic base and components, glass cover
Dimensions: 26.7 cm x 13.3 cm
Capacity: Up to 5 fl.oz. / 150 ml of water
See Aroma Spa diffuser page for complete technical specifications.

View Details

Effects of Rose Oil on the Emotional and Spiritual Level

Rose Oil holds significant therapeutic properties on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, making it a versatile remedy for various ailments. In Ayurveda, it is recognized as a pacifier for Pitta Dosha, helping to alleviate irritability and anger. Furthermore, it serves as a conduit to open the heart's energies, dispelling fear and fostering a connection between the outer self and inner spiritual core. This alignment facilitates feelings of love, compassion, and devotion to the Divine, uplifting individuals to embrace life's unity and existence. In matters of romance, Rose Oil is hailed as a master aphrodisiac, akin to Cupid's arrow in modern-day courtships. Its enchanting scent possesses the power to arouse libido

and ignite romantic sentiments, essential for fostering successful love experiences. Additionally, Rose Oil's cooling properties evoke a sense of calmness, akin to the soothing effects of water. On a spiritual level, Rose Oil embodies a deep spiritual energy, earning its title as the 'Queen of the Flowers.' Symbolized by the Lotus principle of bud and bloom, it signifies the unfolding of the soul and the blossoming of life's unity. This spiritual resonance makes Rose Oil a potent anti-depressant, instilling self-esteem, confidence, and hope, while combatting feelings of inner weakness and anxiety. Widely utilized in aromatherapy, Rose Oil invokes positivity, spirituality, and a sense of joy and happiness, offering solace and upliftment to those in need.


Experiences with Rose Oil

To demonstrate how much psychology plays a part in this, I’ll tell you that I used Rose after my mother passed away. So I had developed a cognitive association with using rose when I needed to work through grief, which helped the oil stimulate that response in me again.

My second experience with aromatherapy was during a therapeutic touch/ Reiki session. The therapist used rose oil on my chest and I felt a welling up of emotion relating to a painful exchange with a friend. An internal shift in perception allowed me to forgive her and move forward with a more peaceful heart.

Rose: An oil that helps relax the uterus and regulate your menstrual cycle, Rose also has a libido enhancing effect and improves cervical mucus. However, it is important to note that this oil should not be used after ovulation in your cycle, as it is not safe during pregnancy.

Iused to have bloating in my abdomen before my cycle along with cramping and other female “symptoms”. I now use 1-2 drops of pure “wonderful” Rose oil on my abdomen starting 10 days before and up to my menstrual cycle, no more bloating! Even during the month for other symptoms (depression, melancholy, etc.) I also apply it in circular motion on my heart, breath it in and apply to my ankles. Some may think it costly but believe me it is well worth more than gold. Give it a try!

We do not talk about Rose oil enough, partly because of its cost (which I am HAPPY to pay). But seriously, Rose oil is one of the most powerful oils with an amazingly high frequency. It is one of the very first oils I bought, too, and it lasted for two years! There is a deep inner wisdom in our hearts. Our hearts know the answers to all the questions we have and will ever have. And Rose oil helps us to access this wisdom when our hearts have been challenged by the people and events around us.

Aromatic hydrosol against hot flashes: it’s great! It’s my turn to offer you an exceptional treatment against hot flashes. After trying without success a number of food supplements I turned to aromatic hydrosols, formulas much less concentrated and therefore much easier to use than essential oils. Sage, Rose and Peppermint in mixture, at a rate of tablespoon of the mixture in a liter of water to drink throughout the day. Result: I no longer have hot flashes during the day and no more night sweats.

When it was time for our son to be born, I created a “Mommy & Baby” first aid kit. This kit would contain a synergy blend, massage oils, hydrosols and extra bottles of essential oils for emergencies. I would also bring my diffuser to disperse the aroma in the room; to relax my mind and to allow me the peace of mind that I would have no seizures. The kit contained oils of Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose to assist with my contractions, to help my mind to focus and relax, and to prevent anxiety of seizure activity.
Cf. Zsuszana G. Davidson, Living with Epilepsy and Aromatic Oil

Aweek ago I suddenly developed a nasty rash on my face that was hot, dry and very itchy but very sensitive as well. My right ear was leaking serum from where it joins my head and both ears were inflamed, red and scaly. I was a mess. None of the creams or oils worked for very long. I was lucky enough to get Rose oil recently and today I finally searched the site to see what uses it has. I saw one testimonial where it had been used for a skin disorder so I thought “Why not”, ONE DROP of Rose oil was enough to spread over my face, ears and neck. Within SECONDS the itch had stopped, the skin no longer looked leathery and the peeling skin disappeared!

I bought both the Jojoba facial oil with Neroli and Rose and I use a few drops on my face every night. The oil is so fine and absorbs into my skin easily. It leaves my skin soft and moist without the greasy feeling. I just love the luxurious aroma of the rose and neroli!”
Testimonial from Karen, a friend from Singapore


Pamper yourself and your Skin with Oshadhi Rose Products

Rose Blossom, Bulgarian Hydrolate (organic)
Rose Blossom, Bulgarian Hydrolate (organic)

Rose Blossom, Bulgarian Hydrolate (organic)

Jojoba Rose
Jojoba Rose

Jojoba Rose

Royal Rose Body Oil
Royal Rose Body Oil

Royal Rose Body Oil

Rose Lips
Rose Lips

Rose Lips


Creative Ideas how to use Rose Water

mango lassi web.jpg__PID:1efde24f-9c30-46e8-aeba-ab1cac2d750d

Mango Lassi with Rose Water

Indulge in the refreshing fusion of flavors with Mango Lassi with Rose Water. This classic Indian beverage combines 500g of natural yogurt, 500g of water, and 250g of mango or mango pulb for a creamy and fruity delight. Sweetened with 2 tbsp of cane sugar and enhanced with 1-3 tbsp of fragrant rose water, each sip is a burst of exotic sweetness. Simply blend all ingredients until smooth, either in a blender or with an immersion blender. For an extra chill on hot days, refrigerate the ingredients beforehand or add a few ice cubes before blending. Treat yourself to this heavenly concoction and experience a taste of tropical paradise.

rose lotion web.jpg__PID:86e8eeba-ab1c-4c2d-b50d-05b9f363be0c

Shake Lotion with Rose Water

Experience the ultimate hydration and nourishment with a shake lotion infused with luxurious rose water. Crafted with 50 ml of rose hydrolate and 50 ml of nourishing base oil like almond oil, this indulgent blend is poured into a convenient spray bottle for easy application. Shake vigorously before use, then spritz onto the skin for a burst of moisture and care. For an extra touch of luxury, enhance with a few drops of sea buckthorn oil, Rosa rubiginosa, or your favorite essential oil.

golden milk web.jpg__PID:e24f9c30-86e8-4eba-ab1c-ac2d750d05b9

Golden Milk with Rose Water

Experience the tranquility and nourishment of golden milk, enhanced with a touch of rose water for an exquisite twist. This harmonious blend, revered for its sattvic and cooling properties, offers a rejuvenating experience for the mind and body. Crafted with care, it features freshly made almond milk infused with curcuma powder and  a few crushed pepper corns, delicately scented with rose water, and lightly sweetened with a pinch of sugar. Indulge in this brain rasayana, a tonic for the mind, and savor the soothing flavors that invigorate and refresh with every sip.

rose lassi web.jpg__PID:9c3086e8-eeba-4b1c-ac2d-750d05b9f363

Plain Lassi with Rose Water

Take delight in a refreshing Lassi with the exotic essence of rose water. This harmonious blend combines creamy yogurt, coconut milk and water in similar parts, accented with aromatic cardamom and a hint of sweetness from either sugar or Xylitol. With each spoonful, experience a burst of flavor that tantalizes the taste buds and transports you to a world of culinary bliss. Refreshing and subtly floral, this yogurt delight with rose water is sure to awaken the senses and leave you craving more.

sparkling wine web.jpg__PID:ab1cac2d-750d-45b9-b363-be0c62c3cb69

Sparkling Wine with Rose Water

Indulge in a delightful twist on traditional sparkling wine with rose water. Simply add 2-3 bursts of fragrant rose water to your glass before pouring in the sparkling wine. Savor the elegant fusion of floral notes and effervescent bubbles for a truly enchanting drinking experience. Cheers to enjoyment and relaxation!

rose tonic web.jpg__PID:eebaab1c-ac2d-450d-85b9-f363be0c62c3

Rose Water as a Skin Tonic

Elevate your daily skincare routine with the luxurious touch of rose water. Simply spritz onto cleansed skin for a refreshing and hydrating tonic that rejuvenates and revitalizes. Gentle and soothing, rose water is equally beneficial for scalp and hair care, offering a nourishing treat for locks that shine with natural radiance. Embrace the timeless beauty of rose water and unveil skin and hair that exude health and vitality with each use.

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