Oshadhi Webinars 2024

Oshadhi is proud to collaborate with Alliance of Holistic Aromatherapy Members (AHAM) and bring a series of Aromatherapy Lectures on Holistic Aromatherapy.

NOTE: General Lecture time is 10 am - 12 noon (Central Daylight Time USA)
(8 am PT • 9 am MT • 11 am ET • 3 pm GMT)

1.March 2nd, 2024 -
10 am-12 noon CST
Eli Ramos - Aromatherapy to support teenagers cope with anxiety and stress
2.April 14th, 2024 -
10 am- 12 noon CDT
Malte Hozzel - Essential oils born from the Stars - Asteraceae the centering plant family
3.May 5th,2024 -
9-11 am CDT
Feli Hoo - Scar management with essential oils on stroke patients
4.June 16th, 2024 -
10 am-12 noon CDT
Eva Bouzas -Skincare Workshop - Express and Purify Emotions through your Skin
5.July 13th, 2024 -
10 am-12 noon CDT
Jody Elleaume - Meet yourself with hydrolate therapy
6.August 18th, 2024 -
9-11 am CDT
Carla Vescovi – Deep cleansing of bitterness and sadness using aromatherapy
7.September 22nd, 2024 -
9-11 am CDT
Dr. Malte Hozzel - Energy aspects of aromatherapy/The magic of resin oils in aromatherapy
8.November 9th, 2024 -
 10 am-12 noon CST
Beverley Higham - My life in essential oils


The Oshadhi and AHAM (Alliance of Holistic Aromatherapy Members) lecture team consists of 17 highly renowned Aromatherapy experts from around the globe.

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Dr. Malte Hozzel
Founder of Oshadhi & AHAM, Executive Director of Aromatherapy Program at Maharishi International University (MIU) 
Dr. Hozzel was born in Germany and received his Ph.D. from Heidelberg University in comparative literature and linguistics. His interest in self-knowledge via meditation led him to study and research essential oils. In 1990 Dr. Hozzel founded the Ayus Essential Oils International company in Germany with the OSHADHI Aromatherapy line and then founded the Aromatherapy Seminar Center, Orto de Prouvenco, in High Provence France in 1992. Malte has published numerous articles, blog posts and books on the transformation of modern society and on Holistic Aromatherapy. Over the last 30 years he has organized and participated in international Aromatherapy conferences in numerous countries around the globe. 

June Wen
Founder Canjune International

June has been cultivating aromatherapy culture in the greater China region for 20 years now. She has not only successfully integrated Chinese medicine, AyurVedic medicine and other forms of naturopathy into modern aromatherapy, but more significantly, she has brought the thinking and values of East-West medicine to aromatherapy education. She is the author of the bestselling Aromatherapy book in Taiwan "Evidence-Based Guide to 300 Essential Oils“. She is the founder and managing director of Can June International.

Carla Vescovi
Founder of Aromaluz

Carla has been working with clinical and holistic aromatherapy in Campinas, Brazil for the past 12 years. She is the founder of “Aromaluz“, a school of Aromatherapy that offers many courses from basic to advanced and workshops with national and international speakers. For many years, Carla has been researching the effect of essential oils, especially to release and heal traumatic memories. More recently, she has has started to use aromatherapy with children and teenagers at Padre Gabriel Mejia‘s Hogares Claret Foundation in Colombia, an institution that offers therapeutic support for those who were affected by marginality, violence or the use of psychoactive substances. Her work with trauma has been well-known in the last years; she has had the opportunity to share part of her work at the Botanica2018 congress and in some conferences in Brazil as well.

Dr. Guilherme Oberlaender
Medical Doctor

Dr. Oberlaender graduated from medical school in 1988, Dr. Oberlaender specializing in Psychiatry, Orthomolecular practices, Anti-Aging medicine, Nutrology and Ozone therapy. He currently focuses on Integrative and Complementary Medicine. He is a researcher of Brazilian medicinal and aromatic plants, from the Amazon, where he can live with healers and connoisseurs of the Amazonian flora. In his work, he seeks to unite the traditional knowledge of the people of the forest, with modern academic knowledge, disseminating through courses, in Brazil and abroad, the use of these Brazilian essential oils and plants, in addition to publications, and research on this subject. He understands that this treasure of Divine Nature facilitates our understanding of ourselves by defending and healing what is necessary on our journey. He is a scientific consultant for Oshadhi Brazil and participates in some commissions and forums for the regulation and effective use of essential oils through integrative and complementary practices in health in a conscious way

Jonathan Hinde
CEO Oshadhi UK

is a teacher and writer whose main interest is in the development of consciousness and well-being through a variety of methods including plant medicine. With a degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford, he now teaches meditation, practices aromatherapy and Marma therapy, and distributes Oshadhi Essential Oils in the UK.

Yan Oberlaender
Biologist/Aromatherapist, Founder Conaroma, & Director Oshadhi Brazil

is a biologist and founder of Conaroma, an online aromatherapy congress that brings together more than 20,000 people a year. Entrepreneur and aromatherapist certified by the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists). Director and aromatherapist of Oshadhi operations in Brazil, he dedicates his life to the research of aromatic plants and the dissemination of essential oils to bring more health and well-being to humanity.

Feli Hoo
Founder of Samhita and Aromatherapy Teacher

is from Malaysia and founder of Oshadhi Malaysia and Singapore. As an Ayurveda health professionals, Aromatherapist and certified Meditation teacher, she’s providing an unique treatment with combinations of Ayurveda – Aromatherapy consultations and Sukshma Marma Therapy to her clients. She also teaches Transcendental meditation as a simple technique to practice in daily life.Feli adopted her late mother’s shamanic sense, which gives her a very strong intuition in her work. She uses a combination of the ancient knowledge together with essential oils and hydrolates in her treatment to great success. 

Eva Bousaz-Ros
CEO of Renascens et Vita, Oshadhi in Spain

Eva is the CEO of Renascens et Vita, Oshadhi in Spain and one of the members of the national aromatherapy commission in Spain. She studied Integrative Ayurveda at the University of Madrid and has been trained by Dr. Hozzel in holistic aromatherapy and by Dr. Schrott in Ayurveda Suksma Marma technique. She teaches aromatherapy in various places, one of them being the University San Jorge in Zaragoza and in schools, clinics, and national associations. Eva also collaborates in public hospitals around neurology, UIC of burns and traumatology.

Lydia Bosson
Author, Teacher of Aromatherapy and Ayurveda

Lydia Bosson is an extraordinarily successful author and teacher of aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and self-development. Together with her husband Philippe she founded Usha Veda, a holistic college based in Switzerland which is certified by the Swiss Government and recognized internationally for the depth and quality of its teaching. For over 25 years she has been sharing her knowledge around the world to build a bridge between the intellectual understanding and spiritual approaches to health care, and between contemporary and traditional knowledge of natural therapies.  

Dr. Abilash Anand
Medical Doctor & Ayurvedic Vaidya

Abilash has been with Maitreyi - The Vedic Village, a famous South India Ayurveda Resort - since 2009 and has gained immense respect amongst his patients from all over the world. His honest uncompromising approach to all clinical aspects of the science of Ayurveda, his focus on rooting out the real cause of disease, as well as his superb diagnostic skills have achieved lasting results and relief for many. He continues to broaden his experience for dealing with the western psychology and need in healing through exposure and travel to Ayurveda clinics in Europe. At the same time, he delves deeper into subtle research aspects with his peers in India, maturing into a gifted health practitioner.

Annie Lee
Principal of Fleur International Aromatherapy School

Annie Lee has been a Clinical Aromatherapist for over 15 years by starting her own clinic named Herbal Square Company. She is an accredited IFPA Principal Lecturer since 2011 and is also Principal at FLEUR International College of Aromatherapy in Hong Kong. She has trained thousands of Aromatherapists who now work in a variety of therapeutic settings.

Jody Elleaume
Founder of Myrtea Formations  

Jody has been immersed in the world of essential oils since he was 11 years old. Trained by several big names in aromatherapy, he also graduated in herbalism. He is the exclusive importer of OSHADHI in France and creator of “Myrtea formations“ - an official training institute for Aromatherapy and Naturopathy. His goal is to spread the seeds of plant knowledge and awareness and to direct Myrtéa in a human and collaborative way.

Beverley Highm
Lecturer, Researcher, Aromatherapy Practitioner

Beverley Higham is an Aromatherapist and teacher with vast experience in Aromatherapy, Beauty therapy and Spa Management. She trained in Beauty Therapy and Aromatherapy over 30 years ago. She has a BA in Professional and vocational Education, is a director of HABIA and a member of IFPA. She was co-founder and creative director of a range of natural organic face, body, and spa products. During this time, the products she created won numerous awards. She now creates bespoke products. In the early 1990's she worked with NHS Doctors to introduce aromatherapy alongside conventional medicine. In her local community. This led to her publishing some of her research on women's health in the international journal of clinical aromatherapy. She has recently retired from being a Lecturer and course Manager at Wigan and Leigh College where she ran a Foundation degree in Spa Management. During her time there, she was awarded a medal of excellence from the city and guilds. 

Melanie Kovac
Founder of Dropsmith

Melanie has devoted over 10 years solely to aromatherapy. To serve this purpose she has founded an Aromainstitut through which she organizes and supports different aromatherapy projects. She was invited as a lecturer all over the globe because of her unique expertise and style of teaching. So far, she lectured to over a thousand pharmacists, health professionals, and aromatherapy students. Her IT background, her curiosity and her widespread contacts in the Aroma-world inspired her to create a global online platform for all essential oil users and sellers – Dropsmith.

Elizangela Ramos Pinto
Clinical Aromatherapist

Eli is a clinical Aromatherapist certified at Instituto Aromaluz from Campinas, Brazil. Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Tsalung Trulkhor Healing Method Practitioner - received from Professor Dr. Pasang Arya, from whom she also received knowledge of the Body and Mind Cleansing and Rejuvenation Process of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. She also combines her passion for the essential oils with her language skills (is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish). She has been interpreting and translating the work of many Aromatherapies, Naturopathic Medicine and Herbalism teachers and professionals from all over the world. She has had the opportunity of volunteering in local hospices in North Caroline, US, where she created a clinical aromatherapy course for palliative care professional and trained the nurses in the hospice for the use of Aromatherapy for end-of-life patients. 

Dr Henrik Westergaard
M.D. Specialist in Psychiatry and Ayurveda

Now retired Chief physician of the Psychiatric departmentin Vordinborg, Denmark. Specialist in psychiatry, Maharishi Ayurveda Doctor, Maharishi Aromatherapy Consultant, Maharishi Suksma Marma Therapy consultant, certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation.Henrik conducts Health Care Centers in Denmark and practices a natural, organic and Ayurveda lifestyle himself.

Diane Malaison
Co-Director of Aromatherapy Program at Maharishi International University 

Diane is a Senior Graduate Instructor of Physiology and Health and Co-Director of the MS in Aromatherapy Online at Maharishi International University (MIU), Iowa, USA. She is an aromatherapist since 1997, graduate of the Institut d’Aromathérapie Scientifique in Québec, Canada and has also learned from several intl. seminars given by Dominique Baudoux (Pranarom, Belgium), Lucie Mainguy (Aliksir, Canada), Maurice Nicole (Hunzaroma, Canada), etc. She has taught Maharishi AyurVeda and Aromatherapy in the United States, Canada, India, and the Netherlands. Diane earned her B.Sc. Biochemistry and M.Sc. Microbiology-Immunology at Laval University, Québec, Canada, and is currently working on her PhD - a curriculum on Maharishi AyurVeda Aromatherapy.  University (MIU), Iowa, USA. She is an aromatherapist since 1997, graduate of the Institut d’Aromathérapie Scientifique in Québec, Canada and has also learned from several intl. seminars given by Dominique Baudoux (Pranarom, Belgium), Lucie Mainguy (Aliksir, Canada), Maurice Nicole (Hunzaroma, Canada), etc. She has taught Maharishi AyurVeda and Aromatherapy in the United States, Canada, India, and the Netherlands. Diane earned her B.Sc. Biochemistry and M.Sc. Microbiology-Immunology at Laval University, Québec, Canada, and is currently working on her PhD - a curriculum on Maharishi AyurVeda Aromatherapy.