About Oshadhi

We believe in connecting people with the healing power of nature.

This is achieved through nature's pure essence, lovingly named "Oshadhi." Oshadhi, originating from Sanskrit, translates to "Bearer of Light" or "Medicinal Plant." Founded over 30 years ago by the renowned aromatherapist and author Dr. Malte Hozzel, Oshadhi products are distributed in over 35 countries worldwide.

We proudly offer Germany's most exceptional aromatherapy products, including over 500 oils, scent blends, plant waters, and skincare items. Our oils are pure and mostly of therapeutic organic quality, free from animal testing, and packaged in UV-resistant blue glass bottles.

We believe in a sustainable future and strive to improve ourselves daily to make this planet more livable.




Every day, we express infinite gratitude for the uniqueness and diversity of nature. The miracle of life is an endless cycle – so captivating, so innocent that finding a word for it is not easy – yet we call it nature. As we delve deeper, the interconnections become more apparent. We start to recognize the blessings plants provide, nurturing and strengthening us—a gift that inspires gratitude and humility, connecting us with the healing power of nature.


The Vedic Rishis in ancient India profoundly understood the relationship between light and well-being. Those with higher consciousness were called enlightened, and medicinal plants were called "Oshadhi" – Bearers of Light. Today, these Bearers of Light are rediscovered worldwide, distilled to their highest potency, and again named Oshadhi.


It's like a silent agreement, a consistently upheld promise—trust in the infinite intelligence of plants, acknowledgment of mutual dependence. Sunlight – absorbed with graceful ease, blooming in unique colors and forms – harvested with affection and warmth – appreciating every single drop – revered and nurtured until it can nourish the soul and ignite the light again.