Oshadhi Quality


Oshadhi products are in their natural state, unaltered chemically. They contain only the oil from the specified plant sources, not mixed, diluted, or adulterated. They are not decolorized, deterpenated, peroxidized, or reconstituted. Labeling includes the Latin name and chemotype. No synthetic additives, parabens, or genetically modified plants are used. The natural compositions consist, where possible, of organic ingredients. We only use natural fragrance and preservatives, with no additional dyes.


All our products are cruelty-free! We do not use animal ingredients; none of our products are tested on animals.


We do not use animal-derived ingredients except for untreated beeswax from organic beekeeping.


Fair prices are paid to Oshadhi product cultivation partners and suppliers, emphasizing long-term and personal relationships.


Oshadhi products undergo continuous raw material checks, both in-house and through external laboratories. This includes the delivered raw materials' olfactory, physical, and chemical examinations. These processes are regularly reviewed by independent external bodies such as the Organic Farming Inspection Association (DE-ÖKO-007) and EcoControl. Our Oshadhi cosmetic product line is certified by established natural cosmetic standards ICEA and COSMOS.

"The pure form of Oshadhi products is thanks to all those involved in their development and those who hold the gifts of nature dear. The greatest thanks are owed to nature, which continually gifts us through essential oils."
-Dr. Malte Hozzel, Founder