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Spruce, Black (Organic)

Spruce, Black (Organic)

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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Picea mariana
  • Cultivation: wild certified organic
  • Certification: EcoControl
  • Origin: Canada
  • Manufacturing Method: distilled
  • Part of Plant: Needles
  • Main Chemotypes: Bornyl acetate, Camphene, alpha-Pinene, delta-3-Carene, Myrcene
  • Key Ingredients: Black Spruce Oil
  • Article No. 1465-5
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Product Description: Spruce (Black Spruce)

Our organic Spruce (Black Spruce) essential oil is extracted from the needles of the Picea mariana tree through steam distillation. Our Spruce (Black Spruce) essential oil is sourced from Canada, holding organic certification.

With its crisp, fresh aroma, our organic Spruce (Black Spruce) oil is a popular choice for aromatherapy and relaxation. It is believed to promote calmness, relieve stress, and ease anxiety. In addition, its antibacterial properties make it an excellent choice for skincare, as it can help clear up blemishes and prevent acne.

Add a few drops of our organic Spruce (Black Spruce) essential oil to a diffuser, or blend it with a carrier oil for topical application. Whether you want to relax, clear your mind, or promote healthy skin, our high-quality organic Spruce (Black Spruce) oil is a must-have in your essential oil collection.

About the Plant

The needles of the Spruce (Black Spruce) plant are the primary source of the essential oil. They are long and thin, with a dark green hue, and are often used in the production of Christmas wreaths and garlands due to their fragrant and festive nature.

The Spruce (Black Spruce) plant, also known as Picea mariana, is a coniferous tree native to the northern regions of North America. It can grow up to 20 meters tall and has a narrow, pyramidal shape with dense foliage. The tree's needles are typically 1-2 centimeters long and dark green. The Spruce (Black Spruce) plant is commonly found in wetlands, bogs, and other moist environments, where it thrives in cold temperatures and acidic soil.

Traditional Uses of the Spruce (Black Spruce) Plant; The Spruce (Black Spruce) plant has a rich history of traditional use by Indigenous peoples of North America. For example, its needles were used in teas to treat colds and respiratory ailments and alleviate joint pain and inflammation. The bark also made poultices and salves for skin conditions and wounds.

In addition to its medicinal properties, the Spruce (Black Spruce) plant was highly valued for its wood, used in constructing homes, canoes, and other items. In addition, its resin was used as a natural adhesive and waterproofing agent.

The Spruce (Black Spruce) plant is still highly regarded for its medicinal and aromatic properties. Its essential oil is used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation and reduce stress, as well as in skin care products for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

General Information: Keep away from heat and sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.