Special Tester Set 24 essential oils


Discover the Special Tester Set featuring 24 unique and uncommon essential oils! These 1 mL sample sizes are just enough to get to know the world of Oshadhi's essential oils and discover your favorites! Set contains 24 essential oils, 1 mL each.

-Benzoin, abs. 20% (in organic castor oil): Cozy time. The balsamic scent gives deep security in stormy times.
-Chamomile Roman Organic: Calming package. The fine chamomile scent strengthens the nerves and relieves tension.
-Cistus organic: Soul opener. The austere scent can open closed hearts.
-Eucalyptus Radiata organic: Fresh ways. The fresh and tangy eukaölyptus oil supports children's colds, creates new space, and strengthens memory.
-Helichrysum Balkan organic: Gold of the sun. The spicy oil is a powerful helper for bruises and strengthens mental well-being.
-Howood: Universal power. The gentle scent supports skin metabolism, brings serenity, and protects against overstimulation.
-Juniper organic: Detox power. The powerful juniper oil stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the connective tissue.
-Lavendin sweet super organic: Balancing power. The floral lavender scent provides a relaxing room fragrance.
-Litsea organic (Vietnam): Strong vivacity. The clear scent motivates you to new heights.
-Mandarin red organic: Sweet security. The fruity mandarin scent gives warmth and tenderness.
-Manuka: Kiwi Gold. The spicy essential oil centers and gives new life energy. Used in first aid in emergencies.
-Myrtle (lemon myrtle) organic: Clarifying cleansing. The fresh myrtle oil helps to let go of the old and start the new.
-Neroli organic: Emergency helper. The tart neroli scent stabilizes the psyche in times of crisis.
-Organic Niaouli: Pure refreshment. The stimulating fragrance supports respiratory infections, impure skin, and muscle and joint pain.
-Palmarosa organic: Tropical rose. The floral-rosy scent helps with skin complaints, harmonizes the mind, and provides a soothing room fragrance.
-Palo Santo: (Holy Wood). The balsamic oil leads to inner silence and contemplation.
-Petitgrain Bigarade organic: Relaxing time. The tart scent calms the nerves on turbulent days.
-Pine (Stone Pine) organic: Vitalizing power. The woody-fresh scent awakens and gives vitality.
-Ravintsara organic: Refreshing strengthening. The invigorating scent strengthens the immune system.
-Rosemary Highland, span. organic: Strengthening. The herbaceous-scented oil gives new vigor and strengthens the inner center.
-Thyme mild (Linalool) organic: Gentle power. The herbaceous-spicy scent helps children with respiratory infections and mental conflicts.
-Vanilla 5x alcohol extract organic: Sweet soul. The sweet vanilla scent comforts the soul during sadness and heartbreak and provides cuddly downtime.
-Vetiver organic: Deep security. The balsam-heavy scent provides grounding and steadfastness.
-Wintergreen organic: Tension reliever. The herbaceous wintergreen scent is a wonderful helper for sore muscles and leads from inertia to more activity. 

Product note: Benzoin please warm before use!

USE: Ideal for room scenting, aromatizing food, and making body care products or perfumes.

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