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  • Botanical Name: Agonis fragrans
  • Cultivation: conventional
  • Origin: Australia
  • Manufacturing Method: distilled
  • Part of Plant: Leaves
  • Main Chemotypes: 1,8-Cineol, alpha-Pinene, Linalool, alpha-Terpineol, Terpinene-4-ol
  • Key Ingredients: Fragonia Oil
  • Article No. 1477-3
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Product Description: Fragonia

Fragonia essential oil is extracted from the leaves and branches of the Agonis fragrans plant found in Australia. Our Fragonia oil is made using conventional cultivation methods and distilled using a careful manufacturing process to preserve its potent properties.

Fragonia oil is known for its unique aroma, a blend of herbal, floral, and fruity notes. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for aromatherapy, as it can help promote relaxation, clarity, and focus. It is also valued for its potential to support respiratory health and help alleviate symptoms of congestion.

Our company is committed to providing high-quality Fragonia essential oil that has been sourced and processed with care. We are proud to offer this product, which will become a staple in your collection of essential oils.

About the plant

Agonis fragrans, commonly known as Fragonia, is an aromatic plant native to Western Australia. It is a small tree or shrub that can grow up to 6 meters tall and has thin, needle-like leaves that are green-gray. The plant produces small white or pink flowers that bloom in summer.

Fragonia is known for its unique fragrance, combining herbal, floral, and fruity notes. In addition, the leaves and branches of the plant produce Fragonia essential oil, which is highly valued for its therapeutic properties.

Agonis fragrans is typically found in sandy soils and is well adapted to Western Australia's dry and hot climate. The plant is known for its ability to withstand drought conditions and can also tolerate frost.

In addition to its aromatic and medicinal properties, Fragonia is also valued for its ornamental qualities. It is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and parks, and its attractive foliage and flowers make it a popular choice for landscaping.

General Information: Keep away from heat and sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.