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Fragrant Blends Set of 24 Synergies

Fragrant Blends Set of 24 Synergies

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THE MAGIC OF THE BLENDS – Discover our selected 24 blends in tester sizes. Oshadhi's unique blends help create moods that can relax you, harmonize you, energize you, lighten your mood, enhance your concentration or strengthen your defenses. Discover your favorite fragrance blend now and enjoy the soothing effect! 

Included in the set: 24 blends of 1/2 ml each.

-Childhood Dreams: Sweet protection. The warming fragrance composition strengthens tender children's souls in the cold season.

-Fir forest: Forest bathing: The aromatic fragrance blend of various fir oils lets you forget the stress of everyday life and gives you new strength.

-Sauna: Time out from everyday life. The fresh, woody sauna composition activates all your senses and gives you new energy.

-Orange Grove: Dolce Vita. The tangy fragrance blend brings out the light and sweet sides in you.

-Little Prince: Full of Love. The flowery and refreshing fragrance composition promotes your love and kindness towards your fellow human beings.

-Ester Blossom: Full of abundance. The floral-spicy blend gives you heart-filled moments with your loved ones.

-Regeneration: In harmony. The floral-spicy fragrance blend puts you in perfect harmony.

-Winter Bath: When it's stormy or snowing outside. The fresh fragrance blend strengthens your defenses.

-Fragrance Magic: Inner harmony. The flowery-sweet scent composition of lavender, mandarin, and rose geranium gives your soul the deepest peace.

-Relaxation: Let go. The flowery, citrusy fragrance blend lets you switch off after work.

-Sweet Rose: Heart Opener. The sweet-floral fragrance oil opens your eyes to "rosy times" in your life.

-Tranquility: Infinite silence. The spicy fragrance blend connects your mind to your higher consciousness.

-Spring fragrance: Spring magic. The fresh-floral fragrance composition makes your heart beat faster for spring.

-Three suns: Glowing Warmth. The stimulating fragrance blend connects you with the sun's energy and provides cheerfulness.

-Stress relief: Stress aid. The spicy fragrance blend brings you deep serenity in turbulent everyday situations.

-Deep Relaxation: Breathe in and out. The sensual-sweet fragrance composition leads you to inner peace and serenity after a hectic day.

-Nature Protect: Vital natural power. The spicy fragrance blend protects the body, mind, and soul in turbulent times.

-Clarity: Clear focus. The fresh and spicy fragrance blend brings your memory into top form.

-Winter Recovery: Get well soon. This spicy fragrance blend helps you recover from any turbulence during the cold season.

-Meditation: Inner contemplation. The spicy-balsamic fragrance blend connects you with the world of the spirit.

-Night Blossom: Sensual Nights. The exotic fragrance composition of jasmine, chamomile, and yang-ylang gives you bewitching dreams.

-Winter Dreams: Cozy time out. The fruity-spicy fragrance oil creates a Christmas mood in your home.

-Inner Peace: At your center. The balsamic-spicy fragrance blend leads you to deep peace.

-Healthy atmosphere: Full immune power. The spicy-stimulating fragrance composition of lemon, sweet orange, field thyme, and rosemary strengthens the body, mind, and soul.

APPLICATION: Put three drops in a diffuser, on a fragrance stone, or an Airome pocket inhaler and enjoy.

USE: Ideal for room scenting, aromatizing food, and making body care products or perfumes.