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Travel Apothecary

Travel Apothecary

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OFF ON VACATION - what should not be missing: A well-stocked aroma travel pharmacy! With 6 selected fragrance blends that support you in every situation on your trip, Oshadhi offers you a matching set in the ideal handbag size!

Included in the set:

1x Aroma Pouch for 6 bottles.

1x Energy (fragrance blend 5ml): The spicy-floral fragrance blend of lemon mint, rose geranium, and bergamot provides strength for every adventure.

• Lemon Mint: refreshing
 Rose geranium: harmonizing
 Bergamot: balancing

1x Buzz off (fragrance blend 5ml): Undisturbed summer days and nights. This spicy-calming fragrance oil provides peace of mind when there is too much buzzing.

 Lavender: calming
 Eucalyptus: purifying
 Citronella: refreshing
 Rose Geranium: harmonizing

 1x Purification (fragrance blend 5ml): Full immune power for any endeavor. The spicy-stimulating fragrance composition of lemon, orange sweet, field thyme, and rosemary strengthens body, mind, and soul.

 Lemon: cleansing
 Orange: mood-lifting
 Field Thyme: antiviral
 Rosemary: expectorant

 1x Drive Alert (fragrance blend 5ml): Spontaneous short trip to the mountains or the sea? The fruity-spicy fragrance oil of orange, wood, basil and rosemary supports you in every adventure.

 Orange: stimulating
 Ho Wood: balancing
 Basil: mood-lifting
 Rosemary: invigorating

1x Stress Free (fragrance blend 5ml): Travel Relaxed. This spicy-calming fragrance blend of orange, manuka, and lavender provides inner serenity during unexpected experiences.

 Orange: calming
 Manuka: nerve-strengthening
 Lavender: harmonizing

1x Evening Peace (fragrance blend 5ml): After long, eventful days, the fragrance blend of marjoram, lavandin, and lemon mint supports in coming down and falling asleep.

 Marjoram: relaxing
 Lavandin: nerve-strengthening
 Lemon Mint: balancing

Use as inhalation, massage, perfume, or room scenting.

Always dilute essential oils for skin application.

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