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Spruce, White (Organic)

Spruce, White (Organic)

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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Picea glauca
  • Cultivation: wild certified organic
  • Certification: EcoControl
  • Origin: Canada
  • Manufacturing Method: distilled
  • Part of Plant: Needles
  • Main Chemotypes: alpha- & beta-Pinene, Camphor, Bornyl acetate, Camphene, Limonene
  • Key Ingredients: White Spruce Oil
  • Article No. 1468-10
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Product Description: Spruce (White Spruce)

Spruce (White Spruce) essential oil, extracted from the botanical name Picea glauca.

Our organic White Spruce oil is perfect for aromatherapy and massage, providing a fresh, woody, calming, and invigorating scent. In addition, it has a range of benefits for the body and mind, including helping to soothe respiratory issues, improving circulation, and reducing anxiety and stress.

Experience the natural benefits of organic Spruce (White Spruce) oil today and enjoy its refreshing, invigorating scent.

About the Plant

The White Spruce plant, scientifically known as Picea glauca, is a coniferous evergreen tree that is native to the northern regions of North America, including Canada and Alaska. It can grow up to 40 meters tall and has a cone-shaped crown with dense, needle-like, bluish-green leaves.

Indigenous communities in Canada and the United States have traditionally used the White Spruce plant for various purposes. For example, the tree's needles were often used to make tea that was believed to have medicinal properties. This tea was used to treat coughs, colds, other respiratory ailments, and digestive issues. The tea was also believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and was used to reduce swelling and pain.

The White Spruce plant was also valued for its practical uses. The tree's wood is solid and durable, making it ideal for use in building and construction. In addition, the sap from the tree is used to make glue and waterproofing materials, while the inner bark is used for weaving baskets and mats.

Today, the White Spruce plant continues to be valued for its beauty and medicinal and practical uses. The tree is often planted for ornamental purposes and is a popular choice for Christmas trees. In addition, the essential oil extracted from the tree's needles is highly valued for its therapeutic benefits and is used in aromatherapy and other natural remedies. Overall, the White Spruce plant is a versatile and valuable resource with a long history of traditional uses.

General Information: Keep away from heat and sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.