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Patchouli, India (Organic)

Patchouli, India (Organic)

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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Pogostemon cablin
  • Cultivation: certified organic
  • Certification: EcoControl
  • Origin: India
  • Manufacturing Method: distilled
  • Part of Plant: Leaves
  • Main Chemotypes: Patchouli alcohol (Patchoulol), alpha-Bulnesene, alpha-Guaiene, alpha-Patchoulene
  • Key Ingredients: Patchouli Oil
  • Article No. 2401-5
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Product Description: Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli essential oil is a highly sought-after oil extracted from the leaves of the Pogostemon Cablin plant. Our organic Patchouli oil is cultivated and distilled using certified organic methods in India, ensuring the highest quality product possible.

This distinct oil is known for its earthy, musky, and woody aroma, making it a popular ingredient in the fragrance industry. In addition to its fragrant qualities, Patchouli essential oil is highly regarded for its therapeutic benefits.

Patchouli oil has been used for centuries to promote relaxation and alleviate stress and anxiety. It's also been known to help soothe skin irritations, reduce inflammation, and improve overall skin health.

Our organic Patchouli essential oil is an excellent addition to any collection and will impress with its superior quality and therapeutic benefits.

About the Plant

Pogostemon cablin, commonly known as Patchouli, is a small perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. It's native to Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, but is now cultivated in many other parts of the world, including India, China, and Brazil.

The plant has a unique appearance, with sturdy, erect stems growing up to three feet tall. The leaves are dark green, shiny, and highly fragrant, emitting a musky and earthy scent. The plant's flowers are small, pale pink, and bloom in spikes at the end of the stems. Patchouli is primarily grown for its essential oil, extracted through a steam distillation process of the dried leaves. The oil is highly valued in the fragrance industry for its warm, earthy scent and is often used as a base note in perfumes and colognes.

Aside from its commercial uses, the Patchouli plant has been traditionally used in herbal medicine to treat various ailments, including skin irritations, digestive issues, and headaches. The plant is also known to have insecticidal properties, making it an effective natural insect repellent. The Patchouli plant is a versatile herb with a rich history of use in various industries and traditional medicine.

General Information: Keep away from heat and sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Unique, exotic and uplifting scent

I find this EO to be absolutely delightful, rich but not overpowering, and very pleasant with a whole palette of floral scents contained within this one single EO. That said, please note for the record that Oshadhi sells two different kinds of patchouli: this one, and the other, which can be described as the classic "hippie" patchouli scent This patchouli (India, organic) has quickly become a favorite. Five star plus rating. Highly recommended for all human beings regardless of any and all categories of identification.

Donna Baker
Oshadi oil is the best!

I’ve been purchasing Oshadi products for many years. No other oils can compare to Oshadi!