Beauty Facial Massage Set (Gua Shua) with Bellissima Facial Oil


For a fresh complexion, toned skin, increased glow, and reduced puffiness...complete your beauty routine with the Oshadhi Beauty Facial Massage Set! The beauty set contains a rose quartz roller, a Gua Shua stone, and Bellissima, Oshadhi's facial oil blend that is perfect for this occasion. With the three tools, you can easily treat yourself to a daily facial massage - the Gua Sha massage.

The Gua Sha massage originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It stimulates circulation and opens lymphatic channels to improve lymph flow. At the same time, it can tighten the skin, significantly reduce inflammation and dark circles under the eyes, and relax the facial muscles. Gua Sha roller and stone are sold individually, without Bellissima Facial Oil.

Recommendations: Store the rose quartz roller and gua stone in the refrigerator before use for a refreshing massage. Rose quartz has a crystal structure that holds a cooling temperature longer than other crystals.

 Included in the set:

  • Gua Sha stone
  • Rose Quartz Roller
  • Bellissima Oil (50 mL)

Application: Gently cleanse your face, then apply Bellissima oil. The moisturizing ingredients of the Bellissima can be worked into the skin with the Gua Sha massage tools to be the most effective. Start with the stone or roller from the center of the face from the inside out to stimulate lymphatic flow. On the neck, you should work from top to bottom. Around the eyes, stroke the stone carefully from the base of the nose to the temples. When using the roller on the eye area, take the smaller roller. After the massage, clean the stone and roller thoroughly.

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