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Aroma Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser

Aroma Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser

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The AROMA SPA Ultrasonic Diffuser captivates with its high-quality opal-fluorescent glass cover and its elegant design. Thanks to its ultrasonic technology, the diffuser atomizes the mixture of water and essential oil in a fine mist.

The water tank holds 5 fl.oz. (150 ml) and is sufficient for about 6 hours in continuous mode and for up to 12 hours of fragrance experience in interval mode (30 seconds on / 30 seconds off). The diffuser automatically turns off when the water tank is empty.

With the built-in timer, you can limit the run time to 1, 2, or 4 hrs. Optionally, the diffuser can be operated without light, with warm white lighting, a color-changing light show, or a desired color.

Technical data:

Running time: up to 6h continuous or up to 12h interval mode with automatic safety shutdown
Timer: 1h, 2h or 4h adjustable
Light mode: changing colors; one color; warm white light; without illumination
Material: plastic and glass
Dimensions: 26.7 cm x 13.3 cm
Capacity: Up to 5 fl.oz. / 150 ml of water
Fog output: 25ml/h +/-5ml/h
Fog mode: continuous/intermittent 30 sec. on /30sec. off
Ultrasonic frequency: 1.7MHz
Power supply: AC-100-240V/60Hz /DC 24V 0.5A.
Power consumption: 24W


  • 1 diffuser
  • Power adapter
  • Instruction manual.

Instructions for Use:

  • Remove glass cover and interior plastic hood.
  • Fill with approximately 5 fluid ounces / 150 ml of distilled or purified water (low-mineral content). Make sure not to exceed the max line.
  • Add 5-7 drops of essential oil or essential oil synergy blend to the container. Alternatively, hydrosols can also be used.
  • Put on both hoods one after the other.
  • Connect the power supply unit to the diffuser and connect it to the power supply.
  • Press the start button.

  • Switch off the device and disconnect the power plug.
  • Remove both covers
  • Empty the water, taking care not to get water into the air outlet - this could damage the diffuser.
  • Clean the inside of the diffuser with a little water and a soft cloth. For particularly resinous oils, we recommend cleaning with highly diluted vinegar.
  • Carefully wipe the inside ceramic disc with a cotton swab