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Essential Oil Blends - Natural Fragrances of life!

The Oshadhi synergy blends come from 100% natural essential oils. The synergies are more than just lovely scents and comforting in a room. They have been specially developed in the Spirit of Aromatherapy for a wide variety of situations and needs. Essences of the Natural Aroma, in contrast to synthetic fragrances, are able to connect with the blood-brain barrier easily and can therefore trigger a direct positive influence on the state of mind.

The mornings help awaken the spirits and help to start the day active and in a positive mood. They have a refreshing and inspiring effect while learning and working. They offer as well relaxation after a stressful day. Depending on your preference, Oshadhi aroma blends can be used for room fragrance through a Diffuser, an Scent Stone, or a fragrance stick. The Airome Inhaler Stick is also ideal for Aromatherapeutic uses.



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