Classic Tester Set 24 Essential Oil


A wonderful way to discover the wonderful world of aromatherapy for yourself is through a fragrant variety tester set! These 1 mL sample sizes are just enough to get to know the world of Oshadhi's essential oils and discover your favorites! Set contains 24 essential oils, 1 mL each.

• Basil, sweet (Linalool) organic: Royal Soul. The spicy basil oil harmonizes the nerves and gives serenity in stressful situations.
• Bergamot Organic: Sunny serenity. The fresh bergamot scent brings calm, relaxation and clarity.
-Cajeput organic: Clear head. The fresh eucalyptus scent makes you awake.
-Cedarwood (Atlas cedar) organic: Power from the depths. The spicy scent helps to let go of the old and start the new.
-Chamomile blue organic: Popular healing power. The sweet herbaceous oil soothes angry tempers and relieves inflammation.
-Cinnamon Bark, Madagascar organic: Fiery life energy. Spicy-scented cinnamon bark oil activates body, mind, and spirit alike, providing warmth, protection, and security.
-Clove bud organic: Tropical fire. The spicy-fiery scent aids digestion after sumptuous feasts.
-Cypress, French: Clear structure. Herbaceous-spicy cypress oil strengthens defenses, centers thoughts, and uplifts.
-Eucalyptus globulus organic: Protective mantle. Fresh eucalyptus oil supports during colds and refreshes during mental exhaustion.
-Fir (balsam fir) organic: Forest bathing. The fresh scent of fir brings the cleansing power of the forest home.
-Frankincense, carterii: Divine connection. The balsamic incense essence connects the physical with the spiritual world.
-Geranium (rose geranium) organic: Powerful heart opener. The rosy floral scent connects you to your heart.
-Jasmine Arabic (Sambac) abs: Sensual beauty. The beguiling floral oil inspires sensual femininity, relieves mental tension, and reduces anxiety.
-Lavender Highland organic: Balancing power. The lovely spicy lavender scent gives inner peace and serenity.
-Lemon yellow organic: Activating solar energy. The tangy citrus note exudes a good mood and pure joie de vivre.
-Lemongrass (flexuosus) organic: Creative spirit. The lemony-grassy scent awakens your spirits and makes you feel creative.
-Mint (peppermint) organic: Clear cooling. The minty scent refreshes body, mind, and soul alike.
-Myrrh: Sacred resin. The spicy-warming oil brings body, mind, and soul into deep harmony.
-Orange sweet organic Happy sun energy. The sweet-fruity essential oil gives life energy and lightness.
-Patchouli bio: Deep protection. The balsamic-exotic oil gives a feeling of safety and security.
-Rose blossom abs: Royal love. The sensual rose scent gives confidence and helps with lovesickness.
-Sage organic: Eternal life. The spicy oil strengthens memory and helps with menopausal symptoms and respiratory infections.
-Tea tree, Clarifying power. The herbaceous-spicy-smelling oil supports skin impurities and helps with skin fungi and viruses.
-Ylang Ylang Completely organic: Creative sensuality. The exotic scent inspires imagination and creativity.

Note: Myrrh may be solid/crystalized at room temperature. Please warm before use.

USE: Ideal for room scenting, aromatizing food, and making body care products or perfumes.

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