Exotic Tester Set 24 essential oils


A wonderful way to test and discover some rare essential oils is through a fragrant variety tester set! These 1 mL sample sizes are just enough to get to know the world of Oshadhi's essential oils and discover your favorites! Set contains 24 essential oils, 1 ml each.

-Anise organic: Digestive fire. The sweet-spicy anise scent aids digestion.
-Artemesia Annua: Sun power. The spicy mugwort oil supports the female menstrual cycle and digestion.
-Citronella (Ceylon type) organic: Refreshing mood. The lemony scent perks you up and promotes concentration.
-Copaiba dist. organic: Brazilian strength. The balsamic oil supports skin impurities and digestive problems.
-Elemi: Tropical soul power. The lemony, resinous scent gives joie de vivre and strengthens self-confidence.
-Tarragon organic: Stomach comfort. The spicy tarragon oil promotes digestive power
-Fennel sweet organic: Relaxed digestion. The herbaceous-spicy fennel oil gently soothes gastrointestinal discomfort.
-Spruce (black spruce) organic: Deep grounding. The fresh, woody scent soothingly supports the respiratory system.
-Pine (pine, Scots pine) organic: Deep breathing. The powerful pine scent strengthens the nervous system.
-Fragonia: Australian prudence. The lovely floral oil provides deep serenity and relaxation.
-Ginger organic: Asian firepower. The spicy-fruity essential oil promotes digestion and sparks new life energy.
-Cardamom organic: Royal preciousness. The warm-spicy scent strengthens digestion, soothes inflammatory complaints, and clears the air in the room.
-Pine (Black Pine) organic: Madagascan harmony. The woody-tart Katafrey oil regenerates the skin and calms sensitive nerves.
-Kewra: Heart Bliss. The floral-sweet fragrance activates the heart space and strengthens creativity.
-Lime dist. organic: Radiant sunshine. The tangy lime oil makes dull thoughts disappear and provides cheerfulness and lightness.
-Bay Laurel organic: Strength anchor. The fresh spicy laurel scent releases energies gives courage and offers protection.
-Balm organic: millennia-old healing power. The fresh Melissa scent relaxes the nerves, opens the heart for more joie de vivre, and regenerates the skin.
-Mint (Field Mint) organic: Cool head. The minty oil supports headache relief.
-Myrtle: Proven beauty. The fresh scent of myrtle stimulates skin metabolism and helps peace and harmony.
-Oregano Vulgare organic: Breathing power. The spicy oregano oil supports the respiratory system.
-Grapefruit pink organic: Good mood maker. The fruity scent provides joy and lightness.
-Clary sage organic: Deep relaxation. The herbaceous-sweet scent harmonizes the female system.
-Sandalwood, White: Inner insight. The balsamic scent supports the mind during meditation, prayer, or contemplation.
-Hyssop decumbens (Cineol) organic: Sacred herb. The spicy hyssop oil strengthens the immune system.

USE: Ideal for room scenting, aromatizing food, and making body care products or perfumes.

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