Airome Inhaler Set

$19.00 $29.90

REFRESHING AROMATHERAPY - with this handy and sturdy Airome inhaler stick you can enjoy the refreshing power of essential oils any time, any place. Just put it in your pocket or bag and bring it with you.

The scents strengthen your vitality, refresh you, and keep you lively. 

Now Airome Inhalation Stick is available with your choice between three essential oils. We selected these oils to help combat the cooler seasons. Ravintsara organic oil, Peppermint organic oil, or Balsam fir organic oil. All have their unique benefits for different strengths.

Use: for a soothing fragrance experience, remove the metal cap of the inhalation stick, unscrew the housing and take out the felt pad. Put 2-3 drops of essential oil on the felt Inhaler Stick/Pads, put the pad back in and screw it closed. Hold the stick under your nose and enjoy the scent. 3 replacement pads are included.

Ravintsara organic essential oil (10 mL): Refreshing strengthening. The invigorating scent strengthens your defense system.

Mint, Peppermint organic essential oil (10 mL): Clear cooling. The minty scent refreshes body, mind, and soul alike.

 Fir (Balsam Fir) organic - essential oil (10 mL): Vitalizing power. The woody-fresh scent makes you awake and gives you vitality.


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